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About the project

The Map of (Un)Consciousness is a project which attempts to bring back the image of Jewish community of Bi?goraj through the memories of its citizens. For some these are the memories of Jewish friends and schoolmates they used to hang around with on everyday basis. For others, on the other hand, this is a part of local history, which demands commemoration and dissemination. The history of the town is to a large extent connected with the history of Polish Jews. After World War II the social landscape has changed diametrically and the memory of the Bi?goraj Jews was eradicated. For the last dozen years there have been attempts taken to restore it.

The Map of (un)Consciousness aims to collect the memories and stories connected with Jewish citizens and to store it in electronic form. I have also asked for contributions from people born in post-war period, whose experience is second hand, passed down from others. This way, a subjective map of consciousness or unconsciousness was created.

The project is a brainchild of Magdalena Kawa, born in Bi?goraj graduate of Political Science and Tourism and Recreation. She has received her doctorate in the Holocaust in public discourse. She’s a lecturer at the State School of Higher Education in Che?m, co-operating with For the Earth Association where she is responsible for intercultural education, co-founder of Digital Culture Institute Foundation where she is in charge of media education projects.

The project was carried out between July and December 2015 and financed from individual grant funds. I would like to express my profound gratitude to my interviewees, who found time to share their experiences and contacts. I would also like to personally thank Head Teacher of UN Comprehensive High School in Bi?goraj, Mr Marian Klecha, for allowing me to conduct a survey among the students.

Project is realised from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage fund.